Volunteer #2

About Volunteer Layout 2

The Volunteer Opportunity Layout 2, allows your volunteer coordinator (or whoever takes care of that on your admin team) to fully explain the teams and positions that are available to your congregation. You can show a picture or video of what a person would actually be doing in that volunteer role. Let this Layout take some of the work out of your volunteer recruiting and explaining process.

Title of Highlighted Team or Event

Use this space to highlight a story. This can be a team that is looking for new volunteers, a past event, or a testimony of life change after joining a team. Nam, ut paulo ante docui, augendae voluptatis finis est doloris omnis amotio. Quae diligentissime contra Aristonem dicuntur a Chryippo.

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What Your Kid Isn't Telling You

I was cutting out paper hearts with my four-year-old at the kitchen counter when it happened. You can imagine: craft paper spread out around us, Elmer’s glue, the class roster, all the essentials for making valentines to give to each friend in...

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Not Sure Where to Serve?

Encourage visitors to reach out if they are unsure. This will take them to a contact form.

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Sex & Sexuality Video Series

Matt Read helps parents talk to and lead their kids in this four-part series on sex and sexuality. This resource will help parents as they have meaningful conversations with their kids while navigating some of the harder questions. CLICK HERE TO...

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Does Preschool Ministry Really Matter?

In this article, Kimba Campbell reminds us of why preschool ministry is important for our kids. It is a good reminder to parents, volunteers, and staff of why we minister to preschoolers and the impact the Gospel can have on them.

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