Jersey Students Summer

Spend your summer with Jersey Students! Learn more about opportunities like Care Week, Super Summer, and Summer Camp.

Jersey Students Summer

Care Week is a week-long local mission trip where our students and leaders have the opportunity to carry out our church’s mission of caring for people and connecting them to Christ in their surrounding communities. 

We run a Sports & Arts Camp programmed and led by our students and volunteer leaders. In the evenings, we have dinner, worship, small groups, and even sleep at the church.

Care Week will not only be an excellent time for our students but a great mission opportunity in our community as well. We hope to see your student(s) there!

Get ready! Registration will end on April 15.



We want to help students take practical next steps in their relationship with Christ by building authentic relationships with them.

MSM is a ministry focused on grades 6, 7, and 8. 
HSM is a ministry focused on grades 9, 10, 11, and 12. 


On Wednesday nights at 6:30PM, we have our student worship service. We play a brief game, worship together, and hear a short teaching from God’s Word. After the service, students head to their Grow Groups until about 8:15PM.

Click below to watch some of our worship services on demand and get a feel for what Wednesday nights with Jersey Students are like!


HSM Sundays

On Sunday mornings, we have a Grow Group that meets at 10:30AM. For our students who are connected on Wednesday nights and attend one service on Sunday, we want them to attend our cooperate worship services either in the Chapel or in Central. For those who attend two hours, we’d love to see them attend a worship service and serve (kids ministry, a/v, cafe, welcome team, etc.)

MSM Sundays 

Our Sunday Morning Grow Groups. for Middle School meet at 9:00AM and 10:30AM. During our time together, we hang out, play games, and study the Bible. We currently offer a mixed grade and gender group at both hours. You can find us in the Student Worship Space. We hope to see you there!

HSM Discipleship Process

Our goal for the High School Ministry (HSM) is to see our students live for Christ in a broken world by building authentic relationships with leaders and other students. These relationships will go beyond the four walls of our church and have a lifelong impact. We will teach sound doctrine while presenting practical and relevant applications for students and their daily life. We will be a ministry that models what it means to be witnesses for Christ and what it means to be set apart.  We implement these principles in our programming. Our desire is to partner with parents so students will leave knowing:

1.   My faith is my own and I can practice it in my daily life.
2.  I have built Christ-centered lasting and authentic relationships
3.  I know how to tell others about Jesus

MSM Discipleship Process

Our goal for the Middle School Ministry (MSM) is to build authentic relationships with students so that we can teach them about God’s love and how they can have a relationship with Jesus Christ.  We want to exist to be a stable presence in their life.  There are many changes that occur during the middle school years, at Jersey Church we want to come alongside our students and partner with their parents as they navigate these changes.  When our middle school students transition to High School ministry we want to them know: 

1.  God loves me no matter my past.
2.  I can have a personal relationship with Christ.
3.  I can share my faith with those around me.   

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