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The Jersey Institute exists to provide in-depth, God-centered, Bible-based training in knowledge of the Bible, theology, history, leadership development and spiritual formation. 

Current Course: Is the Bible Historically Reliable?

As Christians, we believe the Bible is the sole, infallible source of our faith, but can we trust the Bible as a reliable source for the events, teachings and doctrine that form the foundation of our faith? This course will address these issues from a historical and textual perspective, with the ultimate goal to affirm our faith, and equip us for modern, academic challenges to Christianity.

Taught by Tim Kelley and Matt Read



Jersey Institute Courses

Creation and the Gospel with Jeremy Young (2021)

This 5-week course taught by Jeremy Young covers topics such as micro vs. macroevolution, how to logically seek Truth, and creation’s relevance to the gospel.


Prophecy Series with Jim Custer (2018)

Jersey Institute welcomes Pastor Jim Custer for a study on Prophecy. Prophecy is the study of what the Bible says is going to happen in the end times. How we understand prophecy has an impact on how we should live our lives and what we are to expect to occur into the future as God's plan. 


Creationism with Dr. John Whitmore (2018)

Dr. Whitmore takes us on a unique journey through time as we uncover the amazing mysteries of creation.


Sharing Jesus with Those Closest to You with Duke Heller (2018)

Duke Heller found himself on a journey of self-examination that changed his relationship with God and led to a lifestyle of wanting to help others share their faith.