Volunteer #2

About Volunteer Layout 2

The Volunteer Opportunity Layout 2, allows your volunteer coordinator (or whoever takes care of that on your admin team) to fully explain the teams and positions that are available to your congregation. You can show a picture or video of what a person would actually be doing in that volunteer role. Let this Layout take some of the work out of your volunteer recruiting and explaining process.

Title of Highlighted Team or Event

Use this space to highlight a story. This can be a team that is looking for new volunteers, a past event, or a testimony of life change after joining a team. Nam, ut paulo ante docui, augendae voluptatis finis est doloris omnis amotio. Quae diligentissime contra Aristonem dicuntur a Chryippo.

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10 Most Dangerous Apps That Parents Need to Know

Did you know that one of the kid’s most popular apps gives complete strangers access to chat with them online? Were you aware that another often used app introduces your child to soft porn? And what if someone told you that “kid” profiles...

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Not Sure Where to Serve?

Encourage visitors to reach out if they are unsure. This will take them to a contact form.

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6 Ideas for Celebrating Advent as a Family

Try these ideas to focus on Jesus amid the holiday rush. Parents plan for it. Churches celebrate it. Stores open their doors early for it. Children long all year for it for it. December 25, the most anticipated day of the year.

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Kids Who Worry

When you help your kids ask the right questions, you give them a tool to overcome worry and grow in empathy.

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8 Prayers to Help a Child with Anxiety

My cell phone chimed just as I sat down to drink my coffee. It was the school. As soon as I picked up, my son’s complaint came through: “Mommy, I’m sick.” The scent of coffee teased me as I closed my eyes and sighed. “What kind of...

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