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    Don't Go It Alone
    10.28.20 | Marriage

    God created us to be in relationship — with Him and with others. This is why we need to be intentional about regularly connecting with other like-minded couples. We need a strong community surrounding us.

      Navigating Political Issues as a Married Couple
      10.15.20 | Marriage

      Political issues can be challenging in any relationship, but they’re especially challenging for a married couple. No matter how serious your political differences may be, those differences should never impact your marriage covenant.

        A Note from Heidi - A marriage for keeps
        10.07.20 | Marriage

        This morning as I was getting ready for work God spoke to me and laid on my heart that I had a word I needed to share. You see it’s a sensitive subject to many but one that I feel I need to speak about.

          Overcoming Anxiety in Parenting
          09.16.20 | Elementary | Preschool | Students

          In troubled times, such as what we are facing with this coronavirus outbreak, it is all too easy to worry. Uncertainties about the future can quickly spiral into anxiety and fear. The Bible tells us to “cast all your anxiety on Him because He...

            When Control is Lost
            09.08.20 | Elementary | Preschool | Students

            Imagine watching your children playing in the sand. They have worked hard to build an elaborate sand castle that would make anyone proud. Just as they settle into the routine of enjoying their work, a huge wave overtakes the grainy buildings and...