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    A Parent's Guide to Anxiety and Depression
    01.28.21 | Conversation Kits

    Teens test-drive a variety of emotions every day, and sometimes they have no idea how to ex- plain or express them. We’ve all heard (or even said) something like, “I’m so depressed! They canceled The Walking Dead!” (don’t worry; they didn’t) or...

      8 Prayers to Help a Child with Anxiety
      01.22.21 | Elementary | Preschool | Students

      My cell phone chimed just as I sat down to drink my coffee. It was the school. As soon as I picked up, my son’s complaint came through: “Mommy, I’m sick.” The scent of coffee teased me as I closed my eyes and sighed. “What kind of...

        How to Deal with Teenage Depression in a Biblical Way
        01.12.21 | Students

        As we sat in the waiting room, I could not believe my teen had searched for a counselor and made an appointment without my help. At the same time, it was believable because classmates were being picked off one by one from the vehicle of suicide...

          6 Ways to Make Memories with Your Teen This Christmas
          12.08.20 | Students

          My brother and I sat at the top of the stairs, the anticipation of Christmas day pounding in our little hearts. The moment we were signaled by my parents, we raced downstairs. Our eyes filled with wonder as we took in the glow of the Christmas...