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November 2019 Next Gen Parenting & Culture Newsletter

God has blessed you with some amazing kids and we understand most of their spiritual development is not done inside the church doors or during our program times, but with you, in your home.  So, we created a monthly email containing videos, articles, podcasts, and other resources that provide you a steady stream of information to help you disciple your kids. These emails will give helpful parenting tools and insight into your child's maturity and/or cultural issues your child may be facing.

As we are covering a lot of ages not everything will apply to you, but there will always be something for you. Please pick and choose what works best for you.  The most important outcome in our ministries is your children forming a thriving relationship with Jesus that lasts a lifetime (Proverbs 22:6).  We are excited to partner with you on this journey.

teach kids the real thanksgiving story

Fresh baked pumpkin pie. Corn on the cob. Sweet potatoes. Green beans. Golden brown turkey. What a feast!
How did this wonderful tradition begin?

The Biblical Basis of Thanksgiving

President Abraham Lincoln officially declared the last Thursday in November to be a national holiday for the purpose of giving thanks to God. Thanksgiving remains one of the most popular family traditions in the United States.


3 Ways to Help Kids Connect Obedience with Joy

“Obey? What does that mean?” The boy I was tutoring stared at me in confusion.

I had just been telling him that he should do his homework to obey his dad—until I realized I was using a foreign word. I was stumped. How had this boy gone seven years without hearing the word “obey”?


parenting is hard for a reason

It had been a long and trying day where nothing went the way it should. I must have corrected the kids every five minutes. After refereeing fights and cleaning up messes all day, I was exhausted, irritated, and impatient.


raising kids in a pornified culture

A recent article in The Telegraph highlights the tragic symptoms of a disease that’s infecting our worldwide culture. The piece focuses mainly on teenagers and the dysfunction that has become normative in their lifestyles as a result of consuming porn.


what's worrying our girls

By nature, girls want to please. Girls define themselves against a backdrop of relationship. Feeling known and loved is crucial. So to say something that might sound crazy or weird, or might make others reject them, can feel like a terrible risk. You might not like me anymore, they think. Even more than that, you might not love me. You might think I’m crazy. Maybe I am . . .


Not Sure Where to Serve?

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