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Life Hacks - Our Fall Series and Study

Life Hacks - Our Fall Series and Study

September 14, 2020

Life Hacks - Our Fall Series and Study

Our church-wide series and study for this fall is called, Life Hacks: Wisdom for Uncertain Times.

One definition of a Life Hack is anything that solves a problem, simplifies a task, or reduces frustration in a person’s life. And what better place to turn in God’s Word for wisdom in uncertain times than the book of Proverbs.

Thankfully only a few of us have been exposed to the virus; however, all of us have been exposed by the virus. People have experienced everything from isolation, to anxiety, worry, discouragement, and despair. It has affected us all.

As a result, we believe the Lord is calling us to provide every opportunity possible for people to regather this fall to seek God’s wisdom together. Both in worship and in small groups.

Do you know a few people who would be willing to join you in-person or online in a Grow Group or Relational Discipleship Group to help them connect?

We want to encourage everyone to find a group to be a part of for this timely series. 

Series and Study begins September 26 & 27


Want to learn more about helping others connect?
Check out our On-Line Interest Meeting.
Sunday, September 13 | 6:00PM - 6:30PM on Zoom
Email Todd |   for more information.



1. Attend one of our weekend worship services beginning September 26 & 27.

2. Become a Point Person for a Grow Group or Relational Discipleship (RD) Group. Email    to sign-up today.

3. Connect with a Grow Group or Relational Discipleship (RD) Group. Email    to sign-up today.

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