Marriage Preparation

The marriage preparation and counseling process at JBC which is outlined below has been designed to assist you both spiritually and practically. Time, effort, and commitment will be required of you as we work together to build a Christ-centered marriage.

1. Premarital Classes and Counseling/Coaching
All couples being married at JBC are required to attend and complete pre-marital classes and counseling/coaching. The importance of premarital classes and counseling cannot be overstated. You will be acquiring knowledge and skills to help you the rest of your married lives. Therefore, it is imperative that you make these classes and counseling sessions a priority as you prepare for your marriage.

2. Marriage Preparation
a. Approval of wedding: A member of the ministerial staff of JBC will inform you when you have received approval from both the officiating Pastor and the availability of the requested date on the JBC calendar. If at any point in time prior to the date of your wedding the officiating pastor or a representative of JBC becomes aware of matters that could have a significant negative impact on your relationship; or if either of you fail to meet the agreed-upon requirements of the marriage preparation/counseling process, this approval may be rescinded.

b. Church attendance: A church wedding is a worship experience of the Almighty God. This worship experience can best be appreciated by those who regularly participate in church. Therefore, for couples who have no present church relationship, the Pastor will require attendance at JBC’s worship services for at least six months before the wedding; and will also want to discuss your religious beliefs.

c. Church relationships: Since we are making a commitment to work closely with you and invest time and effort in your lives, it is important that you are consistently involved in the life of our church. If you are active in and committed to another church, and plan to continue that involvement after your marriage, it is recommended that you arrange to have your wedding there or in another church of the same denomination.

d. Other items: There is a detailed interview process that will identify if there are issues that need to be resolved prior to your wedding. These could include but are not limited to: cohabitation, abstinence, previous marriages, a Christian marrying a non-Christian and any other issue that could affect your upcoming marriage.

If you have any questions concerning any of the above issues, or disagree with any of the stated positions, please mention it to the Pastor at your first meeting. We are here to understand and help you. If we can come to an agreement with you why any of the standards and requirements are not applicable in your case these may be waived.

May God bless you as you continue to prepare for your marriage!