In the early morning hours of October 7, 2023, militants with the terrorist group Hamas launched a surprise, multi-pronged assault on Israel — beginning with missile strikes near Tel Aviv — with thousands dead and injured from both sides within the first 24 hours.

The assault is the broadest in decades, escalating the long-simmering conflict into all-out war — displacing thousands.

Send Relief is working with partners in Israel and the region to quickly respond to needs of people reeling from the effects of war and displacement. Your gifts to the international crisis response fund can provide trauma care, food and medical and hygiene supplies.

Send Relief is working with Baptist Village, a non-profit organization near Tel Aviv, to provide urgently needed refuge and resources for vulnerable and displaced people during this war. The center has been a place of refreshment and reconciliation since the late 1940s.

Your gifts to Send Relief’s Respond to Crisis – International fund will help provide help to the most vulnerable in this conflict.


As a church, we’re committed to praying for people in the midst of crisis in Israel and surrounding regions. Here are some specific ways we can join together in prayer:

  • Pray for peace over all of Israel and the preservation of life — both Jew and Arab alike.
  • Pray for those who have been taken hostage, that they will be kept safe and rescued very soon.
  • Pray for God's supernatural protection of those who are in the midst of this escalation of violence right now.
  • Pray that hatred and incitement would cease and that the power of God’s love would minister to hearts and minds across Israel and Gaza.
  • Pray that the body of believers in the region would find many opportunities to provide hope to those suffering.
  • Pray for wisdom for Israel’s leaders.
  • Pray that the Gospel would spread throughout the region.
  • Pray that God would use us to shine His light in the midst of a dark situation.


Pray for the well-being of Jerusalem:
“May those who love you be secure;
-Psalm 122:6