Discover why membership matters in this blog post by Pastor John.

If you wish to become a member of Jersey Baptist Church…

You may come forward during the time of commitment and tell one of our ministers of your desire. They will introduce you to an encourager who will pray with and encourage you. The encourager will advise the church staff of your desire for church membership. You may also complete a Connect Card at our Next Steps desk and indicate that you are interested in church membership. A pastor will gladly contact you and answer any questions you may have.

Jersey offers a 4-week-long New Member Class that is required for church membership. It will be offered several times throughout the year. After completion of the Discover Jersey, New Member Class, you will be given an opportunity to sign a commitment should the Lord be leading you to join our church. Please email Todd at   if you would like more information.

These paragraphs may not answer everything you want to know. You are always welcome to call one of the pastors or ministry leaders at 740-927-1859, and talk with them about your relationship with Christ and this church.

Church Membership Statement of Commitment