Stay Safe Posters

    11.16.17 | by Matt Read

    Dear Parents,

    Our mission at Jersey Church is “To care for people and connect them to Christ.” Your Pastoral team deeply desires to accomplish that mission, by the working of the Holy Spirit, in the lives of every child who the Lord brings to us. Part of accomplishing that mission is making sure our ministries remain safe for your child’s spiritual development.

    While touring a potential camp for our student ministry we noticed a sign that was present by every entrance and exit in each building. It was entitled “Stay Safe.” The purpose of this sign was to equip kids to know what to do if someone made them feel uncomfortable or inappropriately spoke to them or touched them. In our culture there are regular reports of sexual abuse. We grieve that this is the state of our culture and we want to be proactive in equipping our children/students and create awareness for our church family. It is our continued hope that Jersey Church will be a place of safety and care for any child the Lord brings to us.

    In an effort to continually provide environments of safety conducive to spiritual growth, we have decided to display the “Stay Safe” posters in all areas where minors regularly gather for ministry events. We want to affirm in every child they are loved by God, created in His image, and no person should ever speak to them, touch them, or look at them in an inappropriate way.

    We believe these posters will help your children know how to respond if someone does or attempts to do something inappropriate. We, as your pastors, commit to teaching about these posters regularly to ensure your children understand. If you would like to see what the posters look like, please see below. If you would like more resources to help your children stay safe please visit our website

    I appreciate you taking time to read this letter and hear the heart of those ministering to your kids. We pray the Lord blesses you and your kids with His presence and constant transforming growth into the likeness of Christ. And, it is also our prayer our ministries and their environments will be used of God in your kids lives to aid in that process. Many blessings! Have a great week!

    In Christ, 

    Matt Read
    Next Gen Minister
    Jersey Church