Getting Married




Thank you for considering Jersey Church as the place where you would like to get married. We are honored by your interest, and want to let you know what is involved in preparing for your wedding at Jersey and how we can assist you in that process.

The marriage preparation and counseling process at Jersey which is outlined below has been designed to assist you both spiritually and practically. Time, effort, and commitment will be required of you as we work together to build a Christ-centered marriage. 

Please follow the steps below:

Step 1
Review our Wedding Policy before completing the Wedding Application.

Step 2
Print and complete the Wedding Application
 (hover over the words 'wedding application' and click to hyperlink to the document)

Step 3
Contact Jersey's Compass Ministries Marriage Advocates for a premarital interview. To set up a time email   or call 740-927-5615 and ask for Alice Myers.

Step 4
Participation in and completion of a premarital counseling experience which may include a premarital class, marriage counseling and/or marriage coaching as determined by Jersey's Compass Ministries Marriage Advocates.

Step 5
Meet with the requested officiating minister.

Step 6
Meet with the assigned Wedding Coordinator concerning all arrangements for the wedding and associated events held at Jersey. (Note – for wedding events not held at Jersey, you are welcome to work with an independent Wedding Coordinator of your choice.)