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Stories from the Field: From Anger to Acceptance

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From Anger to Acceptance


This is another Making Disciples story from a Jersey member. If you or someone you know has a similar story, let us know for the benefit of others.

I have known the Lord for a long time and have taught His Word to others for quite some time as well, but I have always been somewhat backward about sharing my faith. However, the leading of the Holy Spirit is powerful when we yield our will to His. Several years ago I witnessed to a long time friend who had for many years rejected God.

Over time he shared that he was mad at God for not saving his marriage. Years earlier his wife left him and he became a single parent with a child to raise on his own. After many conversations and invitations he eventually started coming to church. Once he got acclimated to the church, he realized his next step was to attend a small group, so I brought him to our group.


After a number of weeks of hearing God’s Word preached and taught, then working through questions he had together, he prayed to receive Christ. This resulted in him repenting from how he had been living. It led to him being reconciled to his brother and his brother’s family who he had been estranged from for years. The Lord did a miraculous work of transformation in his life and now he is very active in his church.

No matter what fear, uneasiness, or concern we may have with sharing Christ, none of it compares to the joy we experience afterward in seeing someone come to know and follow Him.

Stories from the Field: Relational Discipleship in Action

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Relational discipleship has been a passion of mine for some time. It is something I watched my dad do for many years with other Christian men. Over the years I have prayed for God to bring men into my path who He wants me to invest in. A couple years ago I met briefly with a young man that was struggling with life’s challenges. As I continued to pray for God’s direction six months passed before we reconnected. We met weekly for a year or so for breakfast or lunch and discussed biblical responses to his current challenges and the Lord allowed him to make great progress toward Christ.

Eventually, he asked if my wife and I would be willing to meet with him and his wife related to their marriage. Marriage mentoring is not something we had done so we asked another couple if they would help. The six of us met for a few months and it was awesome to watch God work. There were plenty of tough conversations, tears, and laughter as God guided us every step of the way.

They made much progress as well and are now following God’s principles and continuing to grow their faith as regular attendees at Jersey. Watching what God does through intentional relationships is what is so exciting for me. Each time we met, God highlighted things in my life that I needed to grow in or disciplines that I had done in the past but let go. These relationships are definitely not one-sided, all of us matured in our faith.

It can be hard to not direct things yourself, but all God wants is for us to trust Him and ask a few others to join us as we follow Him. Who is God leading you to intentional invest in for the purpose of maturing and multiplying your faith?