Jersey Institute: Creationism

Jersey Institute: Creationism

Every Wednesday, from 09/27/2017 to 10/18/2017, 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM

Location: Jersey Church, Chapel, 13260 Morse Rd SW, New Albany, OH US 43054

Group: Adults

 Join us in the Chapel for four Wednesday's as Dr. Whitmore takes us on a unique journey through time as we uncover the amazing mysteries of creation.  

Contact:  Cindy  //     //  740-927-1859 x202

A Four-Week Study on Creationism (in the Chapel)
with Dr. John Whitmore, PhD

September 27 | How Christians should think about dinosaurs and the Bible
October 4 | Geology, Scripture and the age of the Earth
October 11 | Do the rocks of the Grand Canyon support an old earth or young earth?
October 18 | The importance of fossils in thinking about the Bible, rocks and time

September 27: How Christians should think about dinosaurs and the Bible

Dinosaurs are often thought of as proof that the earth is millions of years old and that Scripture is wrong when it comes to thinking about ancient history. However, there are creatures in the Bible that may indeed be dinosaurs and there is good evidence from science that dinosaurs lived just thousands of years ago and not millions. Dinosaurs can be a tool for Christians to use to begin conversations with unbelievers about the Bible.

October 4: Geology, Scripture and the age of the Earth
Many Christians aren’t quite sure what to do when it comes to the first 11 chapters of Genesis and evolution. A common approach is to somehow fit all of the supposed millions of years, dinosaurs and fossils somewhere within the first chapter of Genesis. Dr. Whitmore will explain how these ideas ultimately fail when reading Genesis as a true historical text. Some simple evidence will be presented that shows some problems with radioactive dating techniques and some evidence that shows the earth is relatively young.

October 11: Do the rocks of the Grand Canyon support an old earth or young earth?
Dr. Whitmore will draw from his nearly 20 years of research and exploration of the Grand Canyon to show you some simple evidences that the rocks of the Grand Canyon cannot be millions of years old. He will also share some exciting evidence that shows that many of the Grand Canyon’s rocks were made quickly consistent with what we read about Noah’s Flood in Genesis.

October 18: The importance of fossils in thinking about the Bible, rocks and time
Fossils are the remains of past life which we often find in rocks. They are important because they can tell us something about the past history of life on earth. This lesson will show how fossils support 1) creation over evolution, 2) the story of Noah’s Flood, and 3) a young earth.


About Dr. Whitmore:
Dr. Whitmore has been teaching geology at Cedarville University since 1991 where he serves as Senior Professor of Geology. He married his wife Jamie in 1988 and they have six children and live on a small farm just outside Cedarville, Ohio. John regularly helps guide raft trips in the Grand Canyon for Answers in Genesis and Canyon Ministries where he has been doing research on the Coconino Sandstone for about 20 years. He has published many lay and scientific articles and is coauthor of a college-level earth science text The Heavens and the Earth. In 1994, he and Buddy Davis discovered parts of one of the largest dinosaurs yet known from Alaska. They published an account of their journey in The Great Alaskan Dinosaur Adventure.





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