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Our pathway continues as people take the next step to DISCIPLE others as we see modeled in scripture. We call this Relational Discipleship. These intentional relationships are designed to equip disciples who make disciples. Through the encouragement and accountability that comes from a few people walking alongside one another, people are better prepared to fulfill our mission of caring for people and connecting them to Christ.

What is Relational Discipleship?

Relational Discipleship is a process of equipping followers of Jesus through intentional relationships, so they mature in their faith and multiply with others what they have had modeled for them. Our pathway of discipleship consists of worshiping the Lord, growing in truth, serving others and making disciples who make disciples. Through intentionally building gospel centered relationships, Relational Discipleship complements the preaching of God’s Word in worship, the teaching of His Word in Grow Groups, and the living out of His Word in serving.

Below you will find information on the basics of Relational Discipleship...     

Relational Discipleship Summary

Commonly Asked Questions

Four Quadrants of Relational Discipleship

RD Group Covenant 

Group Planning

H.E.A.R Journal 

Bible Reading and Scripture Memory