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Stories from the Field: Drive Thru Gospel Conversation

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(Here’s another Making Disciples story from a member at Jersey. If you or someone you know has a similar story, please share for the benefit of others.)

Mike and I were returning from our Off-Campus Grow Group. We stopped at Wendy’s in Gahanna for a late night snack. The young man at the drive-thru window asked “How are you doing?” to which I replied “We’re great. We just left our bible study group.” He answered by asking, “Can you pray for me?”

What an opportunity to witness. I said of course, then asked his name, and told him I would but we had to move through the line to pick up our food. As I started praying for him, I could not get him out of my thoughts. I drove through the drive-thru twice in one week with hopes of seeing him again, but he was not there. The third time I asked if he was there and the person at the window said yes, but he was on break.

I immediately thanked God for the opportunity to talk to him. I parked the car and went inside and he was sitting with his food. I asked if he remembered me, and he said he did. I told him how I had been praying for him and wanted to talk to him about Jesus. So, I told him about how God loved him and how Jesus died on the cross for him. I told him Jesus died for our sins so that we might have life everlasting. I gave him a tract from Billy Graham with the sinner’s prayer.

I told him about Jersey and he said he had stopped going to church, but had a church in downtown Columbus. I touched his arm and told him I wanted to pray for him. I think he was really in a state of total shock because he said no one had ever approached him before. He showed me a picture of his two-month old son and we talked about him getting a better job. We discussed businesses that were hiring. I have not been able to see him since, but plan on going to Wendy's again and hopefully, they will tell me he has a new job. I was so elated the Lord provided this opportunity and pray He gives me an opportunity every day to witness to others.

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Stories from the Field: Relational Discipleship in Action

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Relational discipleship has been a passion of mine for some time. It is something I watched my dad do for many years with other Christian men. Over the years I have prayed for God to bring men into my path who He wants me to invest in. A couple years ago I met briefly with a young man that was struggling with life’s challenges. As I continued to pray for God’s direction six months passed before we reconnected. We met weekly for a year or so for breakfast or lunch and discussed biblical responses to his current challenges and the Lord allowed him to make great progress toward Christ.

Eventually, he asked if my wife and I would be willing to meet with him and his wife related to their marriage. Marriage mentoring is not something we had done so we asked another couple if they would help. The six of us met for a few months and it was awesome to watch God work. There were plenty of tough conversations, tears, and laughter as God guided us every step of the way.

They made much progress as well and are now following God’s principles and continuing to grow their faith as regular attendees at Jersey. Watching what God does through intentional relationships is what is so exciting for me. Each time we met, God highlighted things in my life that I needed to grow in or disciplines that I had done in the past but let go. These relationships are definitely not one-sided, all of us matured in our faith.

It can be hard to not direct things yourself, but all God wants is for us to trust Him and ask a few others to join us as we follow Him. Who is God leading you to intentional invest in for the purpose of maturing and multiplying your faith?


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