Facility Usage


Although we are slowly reopening our facilities for weekend worship services and grow groups, we are not able to open the facilities to non-ministry related activities at this time. Once State restrictions for COVID-19 are removed, we hope to begin allowing non-ministry related activities to resume. 


Jersey Church (the church) welcomes the use of its facilities by church members and other groups who support the mission of the congregation...Caring for people and connecting them to Christ.

This policy does not cover the use of the facility for weddings. Please refer to the Wedding Policies and Guidelines for use of the church for weddings and wedding receptions.

Use of the church facility shall always be scheduled with the Administration and Serve Minister.

This policy will outline who may use the facility, rules for use of the facility, and fees and deposits for building use. Background information and references beyond that described in this policy may be requested if needed.

Please note:
The Thanksgiving holiday weekend and December facility use is reserved for ministry related activities only.

The following policy guidelines are set forth for building and facilities usage:

1. Who may use the Church (in order of priority):

  • Jersey Church Worship Services, Grow Groups and/or other church activities and events that promote our mission and strategy will have top priority in scheduling.
    Groups and Individuals that come as invited guests of the church (evangelists, guest speakers, Christian musicians etc.).
  • Jersey members and regular attendees in good standing and in agreement with the church’s Mission, Constitution and By-laws, Membership Agreement, and Policies; may request space at the church for private events, based on availability, or private after completing the necessary paper. (See Fees & Charges section 6 below)
  • Service and charitable organizations (Voting Precincts, Red Cross, Blood Banks, etc.) may be approved to use our facilities. Requests will be considered for use, without charge, on an as-available basis.
  • Outside social, civic, and educational groups must submit a request to utilize the facility, including complete documentation on the organization's mission, goals, and values before being considered for approval. There is no rental fee, however, a facilities usage fee, custodial services fee and a host/hostess fee will be incurred. (See Fees & Charges attached.) Additionally, a certificate of insurance will be required for any outside organization using the church.

2. Who may not use the Church:

  • Partisan political groups
  • Groups operating for commercial gain
  • Organizations whose activities are in conflict with the mission and doctrine of Jersey Baptist Church.
  • Groups and/or Organizations operating contrary to the mission of JBC.

3. When the Church Building can be Reserved:

Church-sponsored worship services, Bible Studies, activities and events leave minimal time for building usage of outside organizations. Therefore, we limit the use of our facility to Association events (MCBA) and State Convention of Baptists in Ohio events and we will consider events from other sister churches on an as-available basis. Other organizations may be considered, based on space availability and only those organizations whose goals and values are not in conflict with the goals and values of Jersey Church.

The facility may be reserved when there is a custodian and/or staff member on duty.*

*Please note: the event must be finished and the building cleaned and vacated no later than the end times as listed above. Should you desire to schedule your event outside of the listed hours, you may do so under the fee schedule in section #6.

For specific details on availability, please contact the church office.

4. Procedures and Guidelines for Scheduling Facilities:

Potential groups wishing to use church facilities should contact the Administration and Serve Minister to request space use.

Scheduled meetings and events by the church will take precedence over all other requests.

Depending on the nature of the event, member and non-member groups and individuals may be assigned a host/hostess for the event. (See host/hostess duties and related fees)

The Administration and Serve Minister will approve requests for building use.

Those approved for building use will subsequently need to submit the Building Use Contract and Hold Harmless Agreement and the declaration of policy page from their insurance policy when fees are paid.

Responsible adult supervision must be with the group at all times when facilities are in use. Children are not to be alone moving about the building. Minor children must be supervised (in the same room) by an adult at all times.

Smoking and non-prescriptive drugs are prohibited in the building.

Alcoholic beverages will not be permitted anywhere on the church campus. Additionally, no red or dark-colored drinks are to be served within the church buildings. Coffee, tea and light-colored beverages are permitted.

Dancing is prohibited on the church campus.

Playing of music with offensive or profane language is prohibited anywhere on the church campus.

The Administration and Serve Minister or his designee must approve all decorations in advance. Exits must be free of decorations due to fire regulations. No screws, tacks, wire, tape, pushpins, or nails shall be used on the wall, furniture, or pews. No pictures may be hung on the walls, and no statues may be erected. It is the responsibility of those reserving the building to remove all decoration, personal property, food, beverages, trash and any other items that are not the property of Jersey. Items must be removed the day of the activity.

As a general rule, facilities may not be reserved more than 60 days in advance, except for weddings.

Liability insurance (minimum $1 million) will be required for non-members:

  • Conducting business unrelated to Jersey on church property
  • Engaged in group activities where fall or injury hazards are a risk

The individual/organization must have liability insurance.

Insurance policy (minimum $1 million) must be purchased before the facility can be reserved.

5. Use of Equipment:

  • Any use of audio-visual equipment in the rooms/venues with AV requires a member of the audio-visual team from JBC. A member of the audio-visual team will only operate the audio-visual equipment. (See Fees & Charges attached)

  • The use of additional audio-visual equipment, including the availability to use a computer and/or PowerPoint will require the use of a member of the audio-visual team or qualified staff member. (Unless a member of the church, computer equipment is to be provided by group.) For members and non-members, a fee will be incurred for the use of an audio-visual technician. (See Fees & Charges attached)

  • No furniture (tables, chairs, etc.) or equipment belonging to the Church may be loaned or removed from the building except for official Church functions without prior written approval by the Administration and Serve Minister.

  • Non-member groups using the facility may use tables, chairs, and lecterns, as their set-up requires.

6. Fees:

  • For non-members and organizations a refundable $500 building damage deposit will be required when facility space is reserved. The fee is to be applied against damage if applicable but otherwise is returned to the facility user at the end of their occupancy agreement. Members do not need to pay this the deposit.
  • Fees to defray cost of building maintenance and operation for outside groups and non-members will be as follows (per day fee)
  • $75 for the use of the Shalom Center
  • $225 for the use of the Central Venue (max seating 880 – chairs only; max seating 420 - with tables)
  • $150 for the use of the North Venue (max seating 705 – chairs only; max seating 348 - with tables)
  • $125 for the Chapel (max seating 300)
  • $150 for use of the Lower Level Large Class space (max seating 120 – chairs only; max seating
  • $25 for use of any of the Kitchen areas (the Jersey Café kitchen is not available for outside events).
  • $150 for use of the Game Room
  • Host/Hostess – Member and Non-Member
    $100 (Covers a four hour time frame - $25 per hour after four hours)
  • Audio Visual Support - Member and Non-Member
    $100 (Covers a four hour time frame - $25 per hour after four hours)
  • All fees for use shall be paid in advance to the church. Checks should be made payable to Jersey Baptist Church. Fees may not be waived or reduced unless approved by the Administration and Serve Minister.
  • Fees will be refunded if the facilities are not available or if your reservation is cancelled seventy-two (72) hours prior to scheduled usage.

Liability insurance (minimum $1 million) will be required for:
-Conducting business unrelated to JBC on church property
-Engaged in group activities where fall or injury hazards are a risk


This Statement gives Church Council or those they authorize, the authority to prohibit acts or omissions, including but not limited to (a) permitting any Church assets or property, whether real property, personal property, intangible property, or any property or asset of any kind that is subject to the direction or control of Jersey Baptist Church, to be used in any manner that would be—or, in the sole determination of Church Council could be perceived by any person to be— inconsistent with this Statement; and (b) permitting any Church facilities to be used by any person, organization, corporation, or group that would or might use such facilities to convey, intentionally or by implication, what might be perceived as a favorable impression about any definition of marriage other than that contained in this Statement.


If you would like to reserve space:

1. Review the entire policy
2. Agree to the entire policy
3. Contact the church office to request space  740-927-1859 or      Paperwork will be forwarded to you.