Jersey Baptist Church

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Truckstop Ministry

“And the Spirit said to Philip, ‘Go up and join this chariot.’ And Philip opened his mouth, and beginning from this Scripture he preached Jesus to him.” Acts 8 :29 and 35

Following a Sunday night service in 1993, Pastor John asked Roger Foor to consider starting a Truck Stop Ministry. Glen Cope of the Trucker’s Christian Chapel Ministry, was setting up Chapels at truck stops around the country, and had invited Jersey Baptist Church to participate. He had been to Jersey the year before, but the church was not ready to commit to the ministry at that time. Although he had not previously thought about ministering to truck drivers, Roger did not hesitate to accept the opportunity.

Roger had been unaware of how God was preparing him to understand a trucker’s need to have the presence of the Lord in his life. He married the daughter of a trucker, so Roger got a taste of the truckers’ life as he rode with his father-in-law, hauling freight around Ohio. His wife’s brother, also a truck driver, was killed in a traffic accident while hauling steel in Michigan. That same year his own cousin’s wife was killed while she drove a truck. So, Roger was familiar with the dangers and the loneliness these men and women faced daily.

Roger started preaching each Sunday morning at a nearby truck stop on Interstate 70. Erv Andy soon joined him, and after a year they alternated weeks to preach. Around 1996, Ken and Marilyn Spangler, who assisted them with music for six years, joined them. Occasionally, members of the choir would join them for the worship time. As Erv’s commitment at Jersey Baptist grew, he was needed at the church on Sunday mornings. Roger ministered by himself until December, 2004, when Tim Osborn joined him.

Roger and Tim meet at the truck stop every Sunday at 7:45 AM, for a half hour of prayer and fellowship. Then, they greet truckers and invite them to the service at 9:00 AM. They pass out “missionaries” - tapes and tracts for the men and women to take on the road.

There are nine million men and women who drive trucks. Many know the Lord. But, because they are always traveling, they receive no fellowship or discipleship. Others have no commitment. Roger had one driver accept Christ at his first service. Since then, he has had over fifty give their life or rededicate their life to the Lord. But, this is not a ministry of numbers. Sometimes fifteen drivers attend service, sometimes one, or none. Each week there are different names, different faces, coming from different places. Roger wants to be there to minister to whomever the Lord leads to the Chapel. In December, Roger prayed and counseled with a driver who was ready to commit suicide. In January, that same driver returned and gave testimony as to how the Lord was now in his life.

This is a difficult ministry. But the strength of the love God has put in Roger’s heart to minister to these road travelers, gives him the conviction and persistence to be at the truck stop each week.

If the Holy Spirit has prompted you to service by participating in this Truck Stop Ministry, call Roger, at 614-309-8193.

Perhaps the Holy Spirit has given you a vision and put a passion in your heart for service in a different ministry. Contact Penny Zuber at the church,, to discuss how God can use you - like He is using Roger.