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Stories from the Field: National Church Residences Chaplaincy

About 15 years ago my wife Carol and I attended Jersey for the first time after we received a postcard inviting us to visit Jersey for a service followed by a luncheon. It’s the best invitation we ever accepted. It changed our lives.

After deciding to join we attended the New Member Class and immediately joined a Sunday morning group and a home group. Approximately a year later both Carol and I were baptized at Jersey publicly declaring our lifelong love and devotion to Christ. 

Since then we have been actively involved in serving. Carol works with toddlers on Sunday mornings, while I have assisted and taught our Grow Group. We have also remained with our original home group that is still going strong after 15 years. 

As we have served I have heard the Lord telling me there’s more to do. As I prayed for direction concerning His calling, I was drawn to the need and plight of the homeless in the Columbus area through the work of National Church Residences (NCR). This is just one of the ministries of NCR. NCR’s primary mission is to provide high quality care, services and residential communities for all seniors.

Recently, my daughter Emily asked if I was interested in becoming a volunteer Chaplain with her through NCR. I underwent Chaplain training and NCR has assigned me (at my request) to a building near downtown Columbus that houses about one hundred previously homeless residents.

The responsibility of a Chaplain at NCR is to be present in the moment and when the need arises. People need encouragement that can only come when Christ’s glory is shown to them. I am thankful that our Lord has directed me to NCR. I ask that you pray for me to be in the moment for each resident and that Christ opens each heart to hear His message, the Gospel.

NCR also has openings for Chaplains in three different senior residences near our church at Jersey. If you or someone you know is looking for an opportunity to be an example of Christ with opportunities to share the Gospel with others, please contact Todd Smeltzer ( ). He can provide you with information about the potential of upcoming NCR Chaplain training at Jersey.

In Christ,

Frank Pawlosky

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