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Jersey 100: Pray for our Calgary Team

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A team of young adults and college students at Jersey will be embarking on a mission trip to advance the gospel in Calgary, Canada this July. Matt Read, Next Gen Minister at Jersey, will lead this mission team with the goal of supporting a local church plant and advancing the gospel throughout the city. Please join us in prayer as the team prepares for this mission, for safe travels, and that God will work in and through them during their time in Calgary and beyond.

Poised in the Alberta province of Western Canada, Calgary is a city that attributes much of its rapid growth to the fact that it’s the center of Canada’s oil industry. But according to the North American Mission Board (NAMB), “only 5.2 percent of its 1.4 million inhabitants claim to believe in Jesus Christ.” 

Our team from Jersey will support local SBC (Southern Baptist Convention) church plant Multiply Church during their time in Calgary. They will help facilitate soccer camps in order to share the gospel, as well as host block parties to engage with the community.

“Our desire is to help a fellow SBC church reach its community,” says Read. “We hope to see God’s Kingdom furthered by partnering with this church so that God will be glorified in Calgary.”

Church plants play a vital role in advancing the gospel in Canadian cities, and Calgary is no exception. Learn more about the city and NAMB’s mission here

Trips like this are a way of expanding our mission of caring for people and connecting them to Christ beyond the borders of our community, our state, and in this case, even our nation. That’s the heart behind #Jersey100 – our goal of sending 100 short-term volunteers to the international mission field in 2018.

Whether it’s through praying, giving, or going, we hope you’ll join us as we aim to fulfill the Great Commission both locally and around the world.

If you’re interested in participating in one of our other upcoming trips like this, or if you would like to learn about others ways you can support these international mission trips, contact Penny Zuber in our missions office: | 740-927-1859 x174.

Visit to explore the many other international mission trip opportunities we're offering this year!


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