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Senior Pastor

PASTOR JOHN HAYS - Senior Pastor & C2 Pastor

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John Hays, Senior Pastor of Jersey Baptist Church

John Hays has been the Senior Pastor of Jersey Baptist Church since 1981.
Pastor John and his wife Jan have two children, John Conrad Hays, of Columbus, single, employed and available and Elizabeth married to Ben Curtis, with 2 grandbabies Hannah and Silas. Elizabeth and her family reside in Carrollton, TX



  • Hobbies: Cycling, Turkey Hunting, and Skiing
  • Favorite Movie(s): I like to sleep during movies, I see movies as a great time to catch up on sleep.
  • Favorite food: BEEF or anything Italian/Pasta
  • Favorite vacation spot: Paradise (Logan Ohio) and/or The Man Shed
  • Favorite part about my job is: Connecting people to Christ

STARLA WETMORE - Executive Assistant to the Senior Pastor 
& Grief Minister

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Starla Wetmore, Executive Assistant of Jersey Baptist Church

Starla is the Executive Assistant to our Senior Pastor. Starla is responsible taking care of and assisting Pastor John; whatever/whenever. It is a full-time job and she loves it!
Starla is married to John. They have two children; John Ryan, married to her favorite daughter-in-law Jillian, and Ashleigh who married her favorite son-in-law, Gordon. Ashleigh did her graduate studies at The University of Aberdeen in Scotland, met Gordon, brought him to the USA, and married him. Starla was a 1st time GiGi, May 31st, 2012 to “THE cutest baby EVER”, Miss Cameron Ryan; daughter of Ryan & Jillian.
Starla was born in Columbus, Ohio and was a life member of Columbus Baptist Temple until coming to Jersey in 1993. She joined the Jersey staff as Pastor John’s assistant in 2007.

  • Hobbies: Sitting on my side porch; Studying God’s Word and reading books.  Walking in Granville with my hubby, and then having Whit’s Frozen custard.
  • Favorite movie(s): The movie I watch every time I see it is on is: The American President.  Other than that, anything animated.
  • Favorite food: My favorite food is Grilled Meat; beef, chicken, pork and occasionally fish. Meat and a side salad or grilled vegetables and I am a happy girl.
  • Favorite vacation spot: Interlaken, Switzerland.  We went there for 4 days following a mission trip to Africa.  We have always said it is somewhere we would want to come back to, that was 13 years ago and Lord willing we will make it one day.
  • Favorite part about my job is: Knowing ahead of time what the Pastor is going to preach on this week, and being able to meditate on it prior to the sermon, in my own quiet time.  I have yet to get out of the scripture exactly what he has; it is always a surprise and is never the same in all three services.

Executive Director & Vision Advancement Minister

KEITH MATTHEWS - Executive Director

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Keith Matthews, Executive Director of Jersey Baptist Church

Keith is the Executive Director and his job involves overseeing the staff, working to help drive the vision, and keeping ministries focused on fulfilling the Great Commission as it plays out here at Jersey.

Keith is responsible for the annual planning process:priority setting with Church Council and Ministry Staff, planning strategies to achieve the mission and purposes development of individual goals and objectives creating the annual Ministry Action Plan (budget). He also oversees the financials of the church to make sure policies are followed and that expenditures stay within appropriate parameters.

Keith is married to Lori. Lori has two married children and we have three granddaughters.
Keith was born in Columbus, Ohio, received a BSBA degree from The Ohio State University with majors in Computer Science and Accounting. Keith has been a member of Jersey since 1987 and on staff since 2000.


  • Hobbies: tennis and traveling
  • Favorite Movie: LadyHawk
  • Favorite Food: sea food
  • Favorite Vacation Spot: any beach
  • Favorite part about my job:   witnessing and hearing stories about how God is working in people's lives.

  • LYNN YOUNG - Ministry Assistant to the Executive Director

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    Lynn Young, Ministry Assistant at Jersey Baptist Church 

    Lynn is married to Mike and they have two boys; Jeremy (married to Katie) and Andy (married to Rachel). Lynn was born in Charleston, WV and joined the Jersey staff in 2000. Her favorite movie is National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.

    NANCY MORBITZER - Special Projects Coordinator

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    Nancy Morbitzer, Special Projects Coordinator at Jersey Baptist Church

    Nancy has been married to her husband Paul for 32 years.  They have 2 children:  Amy who is a 5th grade teacher at Carson Elementary in Newark and their son, Paul William, who is a Developmental Engineer (1st Lt.) with the Air Force stationed at Eglin Air Force Base in Destin, Fl.  Both of their children married in 2011 so they have welcomed both Eric Klingerman and the former Liz Ray to their family!!  Nancy grew up in southern Ohio and joined the Jersey staff in 1994.

    • Hobbies:   Scrapbooking with my daughter as she is very creative!  I also enjoy my morning quiet time and walking our dog, Oscar, around Beechwood Trails.
    • Favorite movie(s):  I would have to say musicals…..particularly the Phanton of the Opera.  The music is awesome!!
    • Favorite food:  Watermelon in summer time is the best!  Pizza and ice cream…. anytime!!
    • Favorite vacation spot:  Loved the one time my family joined some of our church family on a cruise.  It was the best!!
    • Favorite part about my job is:  Watching lives being changed through the ministries of Jersey Baptist Church

    HERB COFFIELD - Comptroller

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    Herb Coffield, Comptroller at Jersey Baptist Church

    Herb is the Comptroller at Jersey.  He is responsible for providing financial reports and support for the Ministries of JBC.

    Herb is married to Judy and they have two kids; Brent and Kate.  They also have three grandkids; Lindsay, Collin, and Connor.  Herb was born in Bellaire, Ohio and joined the Jersey staff in 20

    • Hobbies: Following my grandsons' soccer and karate.
    • Favorite movie(s): Memphis Belle
    • Favorite food: All
    • Favorite vacation spot: New England
    • Favorite part about my job is: All of it

    Worship and Music

    CHRIS MOSELEY - Worship Pastor

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    Chris Moseley, Worship Pastor at Jersey Baptist Church

    Chris is married to Emily and they have two children, Noah and Owen. Chris was born in Union City, TN and joined the Jersey staff in 2005. His favorite movie is the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.


    DREW MURFIN - Modern Music Minister




    AMY McLAUGHLIN - Contemporary Choir Director


    Amy McLaughlin, Contemporary Choir Director at Jersey Baptist Church 

    Amy is our Contemporary Choir Director. She is in charge of rehearsing and preparing the Contemporary Choir for Worship Service on Sunday mornings. Amy is married to Matthew and they have one son, Daniel. They live in Blacklick, Ohio. Amy was born in Worthington, Ohio. She got both of her Undergraduate Degrees (Music Education, Elementary General Focus and Vocal Performance) from The Ohio State University in 2001. She taught elementary general music for two years in Cincinnati, Ohio, and then she re-located back to Columbus to pursue her Masters Degree from The Ohio State University. Upon graduating in 2005, she joined the staff at Columbus Academy as their Lower School Music Teacher and has been there ever since. She began directing the Contemporary Choir at Jersey in the Spring of 2014.

    Hobbies: Tracking snowstorms, reading, watching movies, family time
    Favorite movie: "Lord of the Rings" Trilogy
    Favorite food: Wings or Peanut Butter
    Favorite vacation spot: Mexico Favorite part about my job is: I get to use the gifts that God gave me in His house!




    KEVIN KOEHL - Traditional Worship Leader

    Email:  Kevin 

    Kevin Koehl, Traditional Worship Leader at Jersey Baptist Church


    JANE KOEHL - Traditional Choir Director


    Jane Koehl, Traditional Choir Director at Jersey Baptist Church


    AL NAPIER - Southern Gospel Spiritual Director



    BARBARA SHAW - Ministry Assistant to the Worship Pastor





    JOEY BELCZAK - Worship Associate


    Adult Ministries

    TODD SMELTZER - Grow Pastor

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    Todd Smeltzer, Grow Pastor at Jersey Baptist Church 

    As our Grow Pastor, Todd, oversees Adult Discipleship, On-Campus Grow Groups, Off-Campus Grow Groups, Focused Grow Groups, and Deacons. In July 2015, Todd and his wife Julie will celebrate 20 years of marriage. They have three kids; Abbey, Will and Ben. Todd was born in Lancaster, OH. He has BA degree in Sports Management from Elon University and a MA degree in Christian Leadership from Kentucky Christian University. He joined the Jersey staff in 2012.

    Hobbies: Reading; along with following the Buckeyes and the New York Mets                                             Favorite movie: Sandlot and Remember the Titans                                                                                         Favorite food: Chicken Fajitas and Fish Tacos                                                                                               Favorite vacation spot: New Smyrna Beach, FL                                                                                               Favorite part about my job is: Seeing lives changed as people cross from death to life and grow in their relationship with Christ.




    CINDY TAYLOR - Grow Ministry Assistant

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    Next Gen Ministries

    MATT READ -  Next Gen Minister

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     Matt is our Next Gen Minister. His main responsibilities are to support and guide the
     ministries focused on serving infants through young adults, by working with the staff to
     accomplish Jersey’s mission and values. Matt is married to Mary and has two boys Caleb and Samuel.
     Matt was born in Plymouth IN., he received his bachelor’s degree in Christian Education
     from Taylor University and his Masters of Divinity from Denver Seminary. He joined staff
     in 2015.

    Hobbies: Shooting trap, skeet, and sporting pigeons
    Favorite movie: The Captain American movies or the Avenger Movies
    Favorite food: Any kind of Pizza
    Favorite vacation spot: Smokey Mountains of Tennessee
    Favorite part about my job is: I get to work with a phenomenal staff to disciple the next
     generations of the church to help them walk closer to our loving Savior Jesus Christ.

    RYAN MORRIS - Jersey Kids Pastor

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    Ryan is the Jersey Kids Pastor at Jersey. His main responsibility is to partner with parents to care and connect kids to Christ.  I grew up in Western Kentucky.  Sarah and I were married in August of 2008. We have one daughter, Elizabeth, and one son, Hudson.  We joined Jersey in February of 2010.

    • Hobbies:  reading, watching movies with my wife, trying new restaurants. 
    • Favorite movie(s): The Lord of the Rings; The Rocky Series; All Marvel Movies
    • Favorite food: Any Chinese Foods
    • Favorite vacation spot:  This summer it is Disney World!
    • Favorite part about my job is:  Seeing kids introduced to the gospel and watching them light up when they "get" it.


    MARELLE SHANER - Preschool Minister

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    Marelle is our Preschool Associate. She serves as administrative support for the Preschool Ministry and as coordinator for classes ages 2 through Pre-K.Marelle is married to Joshua and they have one child, Sophia. Marelle is originally from Oak Hill, Ohio and joined the Jersey staff in 2014.

    Hobbies: Singing and cooking
    Favorite vacation spot: any Disney Cruise
    Favorite part about my job is: Greeting each child by name. They are precious in His sight.


    HEIDI WILSON - Elementary Minister

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    SHERI WADE - Next Gen Ministry Assistant

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     Sheri was born in Columbus, Ohio and joined the Jersey staff in 2000.


    TAYLOR HARTLEY - Student Pastor

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    Taylor Hartley, Student Minister at Jersey Baptist Church

    Taylor is our Lead Student Pastor. His main responsibilities are leading student ministry staff, volunteers, and student leaders in seeing the gospel transform lives, teaching, and providing outreach opportunities for students.
     Taylor is married to Rachel Hartley. Taylor was born in Millersburg, OH, he received a degree in Biblical Studies from Liberty University, is pursuing a Masters in Divinity from Southern Seminary, and joined the Jersey staff in 2013.

    Favorite Movie: Braveheart                                                                                                                          Favorite Food:Meat                                                                                                                                       Favorite Vacation Spot: Kauai                                                                                                                      Favorite Part about my job: Seeing students changed by the gospel of Jesus Christ.

    TYLER MORGAN - Associate Student Minister

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    Tyler Morgan, Student Ministry Associate at Jersey Baptist Church

    Tyler joined our staff in 2013.

    Administration and Serve

    BRIAN BAGLEY - Administration and Serve Minister

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    Brian Bagley, Director of Administration at Jersey Baptist ChurchBrian is the Director of Administration and Serve Minister at Jersey.  Brian helps oversee our Administration and Operations ministry and is leading our staff to utilize new methods of communication and to more effectively utilize our current communication methods.  He also has a passion for helping find a meaningful area of service within the life of the church at Jersey.

    He is married to his amazing wife Terri and they have two kids; Joel and Hannah. Brian was born in Columbus, Ohio and joined the Jersey staff in 2005. 

    • Hobbies: Weight Lifting, Swimming, Photography, Video Editing
    • Favorite movie(s): Lord of the Rings (Trilogy), The Sandlot, Sahara
    • Favorite food: Pizza
    • Favorite vacation spot: Anywhere in the Carribean
    • Favorite part about my job is: Helping each of our ministries at Jersey communicate better

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    BOBBY SHAW - Graphic Designer

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    Bobby Shaw, Graphic Designer at Jersey Baptist Church

    Bobby is our Graphic Designer and Communication Support. His main responsibilities are creating designs for print media, web and everything else communications. Bobby is married to Amy. Bobby was born in Zanesville, OH and joined the Jersey staff in 2007. 

    • Hobbies: drawing, playing golf, The Ohio State Buckeyes
    • Favorite movie(s): Field of Dreams, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises
    • Favorite food: My wife's cooking
    • Favorite vacation spot: Myrtle Beach
    • Favorite part about my job is: Being creative

    DALE BIRMINGHAM - Videographer

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    Dale Birmingham, Videographer at Jersey Baptist Church



    NORAEEN SPENCER - Receptionist

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    Noraeen Spencer, Receptionist at Jersey Baptist Church

    Noraeen is married to Bob and they have three children; Nathan, Drew, and Nick. Noraeen and Bob also have six grandchildren. Noraeen was born in Pataskala, Ohio. She joined the Jersey staff in 2005.

    • Hobbies: I love spending time with family and playing with my granddaughters
    • Favorite movie(s): Christmas and Life Time movies
    • Favorite food: pizza and ice cream
    • Favorite vacation spot: Colorado
    • Favorite part about my job is: I enjoy working at JBC and seeing lives change

    BECKY FELLOWS - Receptionist

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    Becky Fellows, Receptionist at Jersey Baptist Church 

    Becky has been a member here at Jersey since July 1985', and joined our staff in Nov. 2013' as one of our receptionist's. She enjoys caring for our members, connecting them to our staff of servants, for His Glory. She enjoys being a part of caring and serving our staff, member's and community. Becky and her husband Rick have been married for 48 yrs. Together they have two children, Chad and Elizabeth, and onedaughter-in-law Tina. They have blessed ourfamily with four beautiful grandchildren whom we love spending time with. Becky was born in Columbus, raised in Pataskala, and a graduate of Watkins Memorial High School. Was previously employed by Ohio State University Hospital, as a scheduler.
    Favorite Movie: A Walk In The Cloud's                                                                                       Favorite Food:  Italian                                                                                                                 Favorite vacation spot: Anywhere warm!                                                                                   Favorite part about my job: Caring and connecting our member's and community as we serve our Lord here at Jersey, with the blessed benefit of witnessing His Mercy, Goodness and Grace. Seeing Life's changed, and ministered to. To God be the Glory!

    KELLY PULLINS - Cafe at Jersey Manager

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    MARY READ - Cafe at Jersey Financial Coordinator

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    JOHN WETMORE - Facilities Manager

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    John Wetmore, Facilities Manager at Jersey Baptist Church

    John Wetmore is the Facilities manager. His responsibilities include overseeing of all of the physical needs of the Main campus, Counseling Center, and Mission House. He is also involved in stage and set design for all venues.
    He is married 35+ years his high school sweetheart, Starla. They have 2 grown married children with one grandchild. John was born in Norwalk, Connecticut and attended OSU for 3 years, was self employed for 20 years as a structural Steel Erector. He joined the Jersey staff in 2008.

    Movie: Braveheart 

    Food: Good authentic Mexican 

    Vacation spot: Alaska 

    Favorite Part of my Job: Being able to use all of the skills, talents and gifts God has blessed me with to enhance the experience here at Jersey.

    STEVE CRAVENER - Custodian

    Steve Cravener, Custodian at Jersey Baptist Church
    Steve is married to Terri and they have three children; Stevie, Jeff, and Amanda. Steve was born in Columbus Ohio. His favorite movie is Passion of the Christ.

    GLENN ROBEY - Lead Custodian

    Glenn Robey, Custodian at Jersey Baptist Church

    Glenn is married to Melissa and they have two kids; Jamie and Tyler. Glenn was born in Columbus, Ohio. His favorite movie is Enemy of the State.

    TIM RUDER - Custodian

    DAVE SPARKS - Custodian

    Dave Sparks, Custodian at Jersey Baptist Church     

    LUKE FOUT - Grounds Crew


    JOEL BAGLEY - Grounds Crew


    JOEL FRAILEY - Maintenance Technician/Lead Grounds Keeper




    PENNY ZUBER - Missions Coordinator

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    Penny Zuber, Missions Coordinator at Jersey Baptist Church

    Penny was born in Ft. Wayne, IN. She is a retired school teacher and began volunteering at Jersey in 2005. She joined Jersey staff in 2008. Penny has one son, Kyle, who is in the U.S. Airforce and currently lives with his wife Lori in Kansas. Penny's favorite movie is Sleepless in Seattle.

    Compass Ministries Biblical Counseling Center

    ALICE MYERS - Coaching and Counseling Center Advisor

    MA Biblical Counseling, AACC Certified

    Phone: 740.927.5615 //  Email:

    Alice Myers, Counseling Center Advisor at Jersey Baptist Church


    Alice has been on staff since 2010. Alice was born in Mineola, Long Island, New York but came to Ohio at a young age. Previously she earned a BSBA and was a small business owner. In 2007 Alice began her educational journey toward Biblical Counseling and has earned an MA in Christian Counseling and a DPC in Biblical Counseling. She has two sons who are married and her oldest son has 2 children.

    • Hobbies: Reading, Studying the Bible and culture during biblical times and human behavior.
    • Favorite movie(s): Don't watch movies really, would rather read.....I know.....nerd :)
    • Favorite food: chicken
    • Favorite vacation spot: Destin, Florida
    • Favorite part about my job is: People finding freedom, hope and help for life's difficulties through a deeper understanding and relationship with Christ