Jersey Baptist Church

Find a Better Tomorrow

Singles 30+


Singles Serving represents a wide range of age groups and life experiences for single adults over age 30.

Why a ministry just for singles? Jesus Christ was a single adult and His life is the most important life ever lived. He is your role model and He loves you passionately.  You are valuable to the world because Jesus says you are! You are vital to this ministry because this is the path that God has you walking right now whether it’s by choice or by life circumstance. You have the ability to be a voice and a light to other single adults who are feeling like they don’t belong anywhere. We want to start a real revival among the single adults in our community but we can’t do it without you.

Our Times Together:
 Weekly Grow Group / Singles Serving
 Sunday mornings at 9:30AM in Room 4116, main level adult classrooms
 Led by Dave Carter

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