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  • How to talk to my kids about... SEX

    I know for my family this is the dreaded conversation.  I can't imagine having this conversation with my 6 year old.  She will never be old enough that my wife will need to sit down and talk with her about this.  That will never need to happen.

    As we all know kids are going to grow up and it is true that if we do not talk to them about it they will hear it from somewhere else.  Today there are more ways to learn about sex than when even I grew up.  Kids are learning about sex earlier and earlier.  

    So what can we as Christian parents do?  How do we give them the proper information about sex without teaching them too early?  When should we talk to them about sex?  What age is appropriate?  These are questions I hear all the time.  Just as everything else we do not have to have all the answers but we do need to think about a plan.  Last week I posted a timeline about when to talk about what to parents.  Think through that with your spouse.  Pray about how you can guide your kids to have a biblical understanding of sex from the earliest ages.  

    To help you I am attaching a conversation guide for parents to talk to their kids about this important topic.  Below are conversation guides for Sexual Integrity for preschool and elementary ages.  Remember these are just guides and not road maps.  Each person knows their child better than anyone else.  Adjust these to suit your family.  As always we are here if you have questions about how to have conversations with your child about these topics.  Remember we are also raising our kids and are all in this together.

    Preschool Conversation Guide

    Elementary Conversation Guide

  • How to talk to my kids about...SALVATION

    We are beginning a series of blogs on how to talk to our kids.  Kids these days go through issues that many of us can never imagine.  We like to think our kids are not hearing anything about sex or abusing technology.  We want to think our kids do not have to worry about bullies.  The sad fact is that bullies and sex are getting into our kids lives much earlier than we can imagine.  We at Jersey want to partner with you to provide resources on how you can have open and honest conversations with your children about a wide range of topics that they may be affected by.  When I was considering where do you start in a series like this, I thought we should always start with the beginning and most important.  From day one of my children's lives I have prayed a very specific request for them.  Sarah and I have prayed that they would grow up to be Christ followers and live their lives for HIm.  But just like any parent we wondered how do we talk to our children about salvation.  Elizabeth is now 6 and Hudson is only 18 months.  When can they understand their need for Christ?  When can they accept Christ as their savior?  How do I talk to my kids about salvation?  Below is a conversation guide on how to talk to kids about salvation.  Open it up and read through a guide on what to say and who not to say when talking with children.  Let me know what you think about this guide.  Is it useful?  What do you like about it and what would you do different?

    Salvation Conversation Guide for Kids


  • When do i talk about what?

    Frequently we get questions about what I should be talking to my child about at certain ages.  Is my 4 year old too young to talk about faith?  When should I talk to my kids about technology?  As kids get older we even get questions about when parents should talk about sex.  While we think that every child is different and some of these talks should come at different ages based on what the child has experienced, we wanted to provide a resource that gives a general guideline to parents on what they could talk to their kids about at certain ages.  Below is a timeline that maps out from birth - high school a plan to talk to kids about authentic faith, technology responsibilities and sexual integrity.  Check out this resource and pray with your spouse about how you can approach these very important issues with your child.  Check back soon for conversation guides for preschool, elementary, middle school and high school students about a variety of issues.

    Phase Timeline

  • Parent Cues

    We wanted to create this blog to have a place where parents can check in for resources that they can use to continue the Sunday morning lessons at home.  We also wanted to provide resources for parents that you might be looking for.  Some examples would be how to have conversations about bullying, technology and even sex.  Please check back here often to see what kind of resources we might have available.  Today you can see the parent cue for this week in Preschool and Elementary areas.

    Nursery Parent Cue

    Preschool Parent Cue

    Elementary Parent Cue

    We hope you use these to assist in the discipleship of your children.  It is our desire that we can partner with your family to see children come to Christ and become disciples of Jesus.  We are always here to help.


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