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Hate and Heresy, the ends of White Supremacy

The recent events in Charlottesville, Virginia have exposed the depravity of man for the entire world to see through racism and violence. Hate loves heresy, because it provides a false narrative to justify its acting out. The philosophy of white supremacy threatens the underpinnings of our national unity. We were founded upon the conviction (as flawed as it was in being implemented) that, "all men are created equal". To teach that one race is superior to another is constitutional heresy and leads to hate and the unraveling of our being the United States of America.

There is another horrific impact of the White Supremacy movement or any other effort to elevate one race or ethnic group above another, it involves a spiritual impact which threatens the underpinnings of our Christian faith. Albert Mohler president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary recently wrote that white supremacy groups have committed spiritual "heresy." I couldn't agree more, the gospel of Jesus Christ is the central message of the church. At its heart is the atoning work of Christ upon the cross for the sins of all humanity, not just a sub-set, made up of Caucasians. We must protect our church from heresy through proclaiming loudly the good news that, "God so loved the world," red and yellow, black and white. The lie of White Supremacy should be seen not only as a threat to our national unity but also as a threat to our Christian faith.


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