Jersey Baptist Church

Find a Better Tomorrow



Q.  What is the purpose of the mission team?
A.  Our Mission Statement states that we are saved by GOD’s grace and are to work for HIS glory.  We are committed to expressing this in assisting people to recover from misfortunes in their life.

Q.  How does the team select the location of the next project?
A.  The Team Leader consults with the Senior Pastor and the JBC Missions Coordinator to determine where the team will serve.

Q.  What criteria is used to select a project?
A.  A project is selected based on the physical and spiritual needs of the community and our ability to provide those needs.

Q.  What talents are needed on each project?
A.  Almost every project requires the talents of all the construction trades. Approximately one month prior to the trip, an advance party contacts the target project leader to determine, as near as possible, what talents will be necessary to complete the project. This info is passed on to team members at the Information Meeting normally scheduled two weeks prior to the trip. It is not unusual to need almost all talents including, rough and finish carpenters, concrete finishers, hanging and finishing drywall, plumbers, electricians, roofing and siding, ceramic tile setters, carpet installers, painters, helpers, etc. You name it and we probably need the talent.

Q.  The project dates may be more than one week. I can only attend one week. Which week should I attend?
A.  Workers will be required both weeks. However, it is preferred that the larger body of workers attend the second week. This allows the leaders to better schedule the work and provides additional time to gather materials for the second weeks projects.

Q.  Can anyone participate?
A.  Workers with construction or evangelism skills are invited to participate, including women and adults 18 and over. The Team Leaders may determine that individuals 10-18 years old may participate if  accompanied by a parent/guardian and a Mission Trip Release form is completed. Each mission site is evaluated regarding sleeping, shower and bathroom facilities. Every effort is made to accommodate everyone, however; adequate facilities may not be available on a particular trip.

Q.  In what ways can evangelism be expressed?
A.  On past trips we have had men, women and children conducting backyard bible studies which were set up by the local church. On each of the projects we work on, we attempt to evangelize with the property owner and their family.

Q.  How are the projects funded?
A.  Projects are funded in the following ways:

  1. Required donations by members of each mission team.
  2. Funds from the venue of the mission project.
  3. State Baptist office funds.
  4. Donations from JBC members.

Q.  How much will the trip cost me?
A.  Each team member is accessed a weekly donation. The donation amount is determined  for each mission trip. This fee will be $200/week for the Oct. ‘10 mission trip.

Q.  How is my donation spent?
A.  Your donation is spent on the following:

  1. A JBC required back ground check
  2. An insurance fund that covers injuries suffered if you are involved in an accident while on the trip. This insurance is secondary to any insurance you may already have.
  3. A donation to the project administration for electric and gas utilities, water, housing, etc.
  4. Provides food for the team members.
  5. Used to purchase materials needed to keep team members productive while working on a project.

Q.  Can I sponsor someone if I am not able to participate on a mission trip?
A.  Yes, there may be individuals that has the time but do not have the funds available to participate. Your sponsorship would be sincerely appreciated.

Q.  What personal information does the team need to know?
A.  You will be asked to complete an Information Sheet. This sheet requests the following information:

  1. Your name
  2. Phone numbers including your cell
  3. The name and phone number of a person to contact back home in case of emergency,
  4. List any allergies, medical or health issues the Team Leader need to know.
  5. If accident insurance is purchased by the team, we need to know your birthdate and a beneficiary.
  6. Dates available for the trip
  7. Listing your talents
  8. Info required for the back ground check.

Q.  What about personal medications?
A.  You will be requested to complete a Medication Sheet listing your medications including dosage and times to be taken. This info remains with the Team Leader for use in case of an emergency.

Q.  Who provides transportation to and from the project site?
A.  Each team member is responsible for their transportation to and from the project site. Car pooling and sharing the cost of fuel with other team members is encouraged to minimize the cost for everyone. The cost of fuel may be included in the weekly donation. Contact the Team Leader for project specific costs.

Q.  What personal items should we take with us?
A.  Bring the following with you:

  1. Your bible
  2. Toiletries including wash clothes and towels.
  3. Bedding (sleeping bag, air mattress, pillow, etc.)
  4. Funds for personal items.
  5. Any specialty drinks, foods or snacks.
  6. Detergents, soap, etc. if you plan to do laundry

Q.  What tools should we take with us?
A.  We have tools for almost every trade on the mission trailer. You should coordinate with the team leaders regarding what other tools you may want to take with you.

Q.  Will there be room on the mission trailer for my tools?
A.  We will make every effort to carry your tools on the trailer. However this must be coordinated with the team leaders.

Q.  What about our families left at home while we are away?
A.  Each team member should provide a backup person or persons to assist our families in the event of an emergency, such as; snow or ice storms, power outages, vehicle breakdowns or support in general.

Psalms 127:1 – Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain.