Jersey to the nations

“We as a church are only going to raise up more missionaries if more people see what the mission field is like. For them to taste it, see it, touch it.” Pastor John shared the vision God gave him early in 2018 - to send 100 volunteers on short-term mission trips.

In the end, God sent 79 volunteers from Jersey to 15 countries all over the globe, more than our church has ever sent out before. From Calgary to Kenya, from Panama to Thailand and beyond, God used our volunteers in big ways to further His Kingdom. Some of these trips were taken to areas in which we already have relationships and connections, while others broke new ground for us and allowed us to discover new ministries to support and ways to pray.

Kids camps were facilitated, refugees were ministered to, Christian relationships were fostered, career missionaries were supported, hearts were changed, and most importantly, the good news of the gospel, of God’s great love for us, was shared all around the world.

Whether you supported the Jersey 100 mission by physically going on a trip, by giving financially, or by praying over these trips, we are in awe of the impact God’s church here at Jersey made an international impact in 2018.


Eight Jersey members spent seven days in the Bahamas partnering with a local church in Nassau, which consists primarily of Haitian-descent immigrants and refugees. While attending Sunday morning services, two team members shared their testimony with the congregation and team leader Tyler Morgan was invited to guest preach. As the team walked through local communities during the week, the Spirit was moving and allowed for the group to engage in over 80 spiritual conversations. The group also hosted VBS for approximately 40 children of the community, providing the opportunity to share the good news of Jesus to several for the first time. Visits to a local school allowed the group to share bible stories with the students, as well as assist with tutoring and cleaning up the building. Of all the experiences, visiting a shanty town on the outskirts of the island where refugees from neighboring Haiti had fled to seek a better life was the most sobering and impactful. It was an awesome trip and all members of the group had a personal experience with God that will last a lifetime.


This trip was jam-packed with opportunities to minister to local Thais, missionaries, and refugees alike, as well as learn about how we can pray for and support the work God is doing in Bangkok, Thailand. During their time in the city, the team of five taught an ESL (English as a Second Language) and Christian worldview class to local Thais and spent a few afternoons prayer walking through red light districts across the city. They also had the incredible opportunity of ministering to Pakistani, Vietnamese, and Sri Lankan refugees.


Our gracious Lord was active, and His Spirit was present in all that the team did and experienced. The team of six joined the members from El Encuentro Iglesia Bautista (The Encounter Baptist Church) in La Serena, Chile, to work in various open-air markets around the city. They set up a tent in the marketplace and went among the vendors and customers handing out invitations, sharing the gospel, and offering to pray with people. In addition to the market, the team went on home visits or gave lessons at home bible studies. It was an amazing time to interact with the people of the church and the people of Chile. The Spirit moved in a mighty way and about twenty people accepted Jesus as Lord through these events! What a privilege! The team will forever remember these Christians and how Jesus is using them in a mighty way to reach people for God’s glory. The team had no idea when we started this journey that they would be witnesses to the profound activity of the Holy Spirit in so many lives, including their own. Praise God!


The Guatemala team partnered with Gary and Lilly Stone, lifetime missionaries serving in Quetzaltenango. They also traveled to Ixchiguan, located in the western mountainous part of the country. There, they visited two of the churches established by the Stones. They had the privilege of preaching the gospel, singing, and sharing testimonies. The team also worked hard to scrub down a local home to rid it of mold and paint it with waterproof paint to prevent further damage. The three generations of ladies living there were surely blessed by the team’s time and effort. The team also completed other various work projects and helped a missionary pack up to return to the United States. The team gained an appreciation for the work of the missionaries and left seeing the Lord’s work in remote areas of the world.


The mission team to Berlin spent time working in various locations. Most of the time the team worked at a church which was hosting a teen camp. Activities included working directly with the teens, cooking and serving meals, and cleaning. The team also visited a refugee camp, engaging with the children and some of the moms. Painting and cleaning were also done at a neighborhood Christian library and coffee bar. The team felt privileged to serve the Lord in these areas.


God moved in many ways during the trip to Calgary, Alberta, Canada! The team worked with many young boys and girls during the week and were able to share the gospel with them each day. They also had the opportunity to evangelize in a low income area that the local church had been trying to reach. The team shared with people in this community, many of whom were refugees and immigrants, how much they were loved by God. The trip ended with a block party, giving the team a chance to celebrate with the kids while also making dozens of new connections between young families and Multiply Church.


The Panama team spent the week teaching ESL, ministering to people living on the street, loving on kids and staff at a special needs orphanage, and distributing Spanish tracts at the subway. Several people on the team also had the privilege of sharing their testimony on a Christian radio station that is heard in Central America and in parts of the Caribbean.


The team of five spent 10 days in country with the CBEM of Africa (Committed Believers Evangelical Missions of Africa). The mission of this ministry is to reach the unevangelized people groups of Africa, with the gospel of Jesus, plant churches, mobilize churches to do missions, provide opportunities for ministers to exercise their spiritual gifts, train ministers for effective ministry in the field, and to revive churches to be purpose driven. The team specifically helped with the construction of a new mission house, led a pastors conference, and encouraged local pastors and workers in the area. While there, team members had the opportunity to preach where several raised their hands saying they wanted a personal relationship with Jesus. We are so thankful for the people of Africa and the ongoing ministry of the CBEM of Africa. Please be in prayer as they plant a new church this spring.


The team worked through an IMB missionary couple that connected them with a local pastor from Kabuta Baptist Church in Zambia. The team’s mission was to help them plant a new church called Palabana Baptist Church. After a day of orientation, they spent the first half of every day doing door-to-door evangelism and the second half of the day putting on a Sports & Arts Camp for kids in Palabana. They were blessed to see many people come to know Christ during the week and to see 145 people attend the first service at the new church plant.